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St. John's Westminster Union Church

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St. John's Westminster Union Church
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Care Notes

Care Notes in the narthex…

Take One-and take heart. Give one-and give hope!

When was the last time you had a need for additional information when you were facing a traumatic issue?  You don't have time to read a book on the subject nor do you wish to discuss it with anyone at this time.   Perhaps, you want to support your friend or family and don't know how to answer their questions or what reading material to provide them.  Please take a minute and review the Care Notes in the narthex (mission corner) on all traumatic issues.  The Care Notes are very informative and easy to read and read again.  Sometimes, there isn't an easy way to say "how can I help and/or I'm thinking of your.  On the table in the narthex (mission corner) we have some a large variety of Care Notes to help you or your love ones get through this critical time.  Please feel free to take one and share!



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